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  • Our pocket-sized vineyard is tucked away in a wildlife reserve in Braidwood, NSW. The vineyard is both rocky and steeply sloped and the local climate is often challenging. Half Moon’s terrain coupled with our philosophy of minimal mechanisation and chemical use results in a very hands-on approach to tending and harvesting. We have a small team – vineyard managers Mal and Jenny Sharp, owners Tony and Robyn Maxwell, vineyard consultant David Botting and winemaker Alex McKay. Our single-minded focus is to produce fine quality, hand-crafted wines in small batches.


  • Our hand-crafted wines

    Although close to Canberra, we benefit from a maritime influence that brings cooling relief to extreme summer heat, longer ripening periods and a ‘cool climate’ complexity to our wines. Limited production allows progressive wine maker Alex McKay to hand-make balanced, complex wines using natural ferments. Our 2011 Riesling was awarded Top Gold Medal at the 2014 Canberra Regional Show and Bronze at the 2014 Canberra International Riesling Challenge. Our 2013 Riesling and 2012 Late Harvest Eclipse are also medal winners.

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  • Tucked away in a wildlife reserve

    Half Moon is a mere 5 acres nestled in a wildlife reserve. Around us the same high altitude and sandy soils are the natural habitat of the Braidwood waratah featured on our label. It grows only on stream margins and mountain slopes in south east NSW.